Being addicted to drugs or alcohol can make life tough. The negative impact this addiction has over your health can destroy it over time. The possibility of job loss and financial ruin typically accompany this state, as well. One of the first things you will want to do if your suffer from an addiction of any kind is to seek the best type of rehab to enable you to fully recover from it. Knowing what some of these options are may be extremely helpful to you.

Type #1: Long-term rehab

If you have a severe addiction that you simply can't stop on your own terms even though you've attempted to do so, you may need to choose long-term rehab. You will need to stay at the facility for the amount of time that a professional recommends. This time, can vary, but is usually at least 60 days or longer.

Long-term rehab means that you will reside at a recovery center full-time. You won't be capable of leaving the center unless you have the authorization to do, or you're accompanied by a faculty member.

This type of treatment has been known to be the most effective in helping an individual overcome addiction for the good.

Type #2: Short-term rehab

You will be required to stay in this rehab center about ½ the amount of time you would need to stay at the long-term type. This will provide you less commitment and additionally a reduced amount of time to fully recover.

This method of being treated doesn't show the continued positive results of the long-term option but is much better that no treatment at all.

Type #3: Outpatient care

Many individuals enjoy the flexibility that accompanies outpatient care because you're free to go home at the end of the day. However, the effectiveness of this treatment type will be solely conducive on the amount of determination the addict possesses. 

However, many outpatient care facilities will do daily drug testing to ensure that no drugs or alcohol was used during the time away from the facility.

The type of rehab treatment you decide on should be based on the severity of your addiction. The goal is to reach a point of full recovery where you don't need any drugs to survive. Be sure to speak to a top self-help professional in your area for guidance on the best rehab method to use. Click here for more info.